1st International Zarzuela Contest
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1.1 The Fourth International Zarzuela Contest "Ana Maria Iriarte, in Madrid 2014, is open, regardless of nationality, to:
a) All singers aged 18 - 45 years, turned in 2014 (no exceptions). Winners from previous series are not allowed to take part in the contest.

1.2 Registration will be made online only, through the registration form on Fundación Ana María Iriarte’s webpage: www.fundacionanamariairiarte.org.

1.3 Together with the registration form, candidates must submit:

a) National identity card or official document, original or copy, to prove the candidate’s age and nationality;
b) Two recent, carnet-sized photos;
c) Brief background; music studies, awarded prizes; professional activity;
d) Copy of payment receipt of registration fee to the Preliminary Auditions.

1.4 On the registration form, candidates must specify their voice type (Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Soprano or Mezzo-soprano).

1.5. This material has to be sent via e-mail to the Foundation (fundacionanamariairiarte@gmail.com) except for the documents a and b which must be sent via ordinary mail to the Contest Secretariat (c) Manuel Cortina, 11, bajo 3, 28010 Madrid, (Spain). In no case we will accept this material submitted via fax or e-mail.

1.6. The registration deadline will be closed on September 25th, 2014

  • The Registration fee to the Preliminary Auditions is of 50€. Candidates must pay this amount (banking expenses to be paid by the candidate) through a bank transfer or deposit to the following account, specifying the following in the latter: Zarzuela Contest Madrid 2014.

    Bank: La Caixa
    Owner: Fundación Ana María Iriarte
    Account number:
    IBAN ES02 2100 1737 72 00135095

    You must submit a copy of the payment receipt to the Contest Secretariat together with the other required documents. Without this receipt, registration shall not be valid. We do not accept other payment methods, and in no case the registration amount will be refunded, except in the event that the Contest was cancelled.

    The Registration fee to the Final Stage is of 50€. This amount is to be paid in cash in Madrid, and the candidates will then receive their contestant badges. Without this badge, the contestant will not be allowed to take part in the Final Stage. The Final Stage begins once the Preliminary Auditions are passed.

1.7. All travel and accommodation expenses of candidates will be paid by the latter, except in the case of the three winners who do not live in Madrid, for whom the Organization shall pay their hotel expenses from the day the jury decide those whose are the winners until the end of their participation in the contest.



2.1. The Fourth International Zarzuela Contest will be developed in two stages, a Preliminary Stage and a Final Stage, which in turn consists in three sub-stages:

2.1.1. PRELIMINARY STAGE Preliminary Auditions
2.1.2. FINAL STAGE: Semi-final Final Final Gala (prize awarding)

2.2. All stages will take place in the Auditorium of the Superior Singing School of Madrid (San Bernardo, 44, 28015 Madrid). The only location that may vary is the one of the FINAL GALA FOR PRIZE AWARDING, in which case it shall be announced enough time in advance.

2.3. Auditions will be held with the accompaniment of a pianist selected by the Judging Panel. Should a contestant wish to be accompanied by a different pianist, they may do so, as long as they pay for all necessary costs.



2.4.1. In the PRELIMINARY AUDITIONS, candidates will choose ONLY ONE ROMANZA (of zarzuela) from each category detailed on the list of mandatory pieces proposed by the Judging Panel of the Contest for each voice type APPEARING ON THESE RULES (ITEM 2.8).



2.5.1. For the SEMI-FINAL the candidate will be required to perform, ONLY ONE ZARZUELA ROMANZA, to be selected from the pieces not performed before or selected during the PRELIMINARY STAGE, or a piece freely chosen by the contestant from their repertoire.

2.5.2. FOR THE FINAL, contestants must prepare at least three ZARZUELA ROMANZAS FROM THEIR REPERTOIRE.

2.5.3. FINAL GALA. Those contestants who win the Final will perform in the Final Gala for prize awarding, a free program consisting in pieces from their repertoire as well as those performed in previous stages. This program will be supervised by the Judging Panel and by the Master accompanying the singers. This GALA WILL ONLY DETERMINE THE AWARDS ORDER (FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD PRIZE).

2.6 All contestants will be required to bring with them the singing and piano scores of the pieces to be performed in the contest. In the cases where it is not possible to obtain the scores in the contestant’s place of residence, these may be ordered through the Superior Singing School of Madrid, specifying that they are to be used in the International Zarzuela Contest. The contact person for this procedure is María Luz González Peña (Tel. number: +34 913 499 622, email: mgonzalez@sgae.es).

2.7 Preferably, pieces will be sung by heart and in their original language, that is, Spanish.


Soprano and Mezzo-soprano

  1. Niña Estrella, “Bendita Cruz”. Romanza from “Don Gil de Alcalá” (M.Penella).
  2. Vals de la Bujía, Romanza from “Luces y Sombras” (F. Chueca).
  3. “Un tiempo fue”, Romanza from “Jugar con Fuego” (F.A. Barbieri).
  4. “Lágrimas mías”, Romanza from “El anillo de hierro” (M. Marqués ).
  5. “Qué te importa que no venga”, Romanza from “Los Claveles” (J.Serrano).
Mezzo-soprano and Contralto
  1. Canción de la Gitana “Fue mi madre la gitana”, Romanza from “La Chavala” (R.Chapí)
  2. Romanza del Pilar “Vuelven las horas lejanas”, Romanza from “Los de Aragón”. (J. Serrano).
  3. Pasacalle de Manuela “Al pasar por la calle de Calatrava”, Romanza from “La Chulapona” (F. Moreno Torroba)
  1. “Flor Roja”, Romanza from “Los Gavilanes” (J. Guerrero)
  2. “Hecho de un rayo de luna”, Romanza from “La Leyenda del Beso” (Soutello y Vert)
  3. “Te quiero, morena”, Romanza from “El Trust de los Tenorios” (J.Serrano).
  4. “Yo te vi pasar”, Romanza from la “Meiga”, (J. Guridi)
    1. Salida de Juan “Mi aldea”, Romanza from“Los Gavilanes” (J. Guerrero)
    2. Romanza de Manuel “Lo mismo que esa guitarra”, Romanza from “Al dorarse las espigas” (F. Balanguer)
    3. “Sasibil, mi casero” Romanza from “El Caserío” (J.Guiridi).
    1. "Golondrón", from "Maruxa" (Amadeo Vives).
    2. Romanza White, Romanza from “Black el Payaso” (Pablo Sorozábal)
    3. "Despierta Negro", from "La Tabernera del Puerto" (Pablo Sorazábal).


The president of the Judging Panel will be Mrs. Ana Maria Iriarte. The rest of the Judging Panel will be made up by:

1. Mrs. Rosa Kraus . Musical Agent.
2. Mr. José García Quijada. Singer.
3. Mr. Enrique García Asensio. Orchestra Director.
4. Mr. Francisco Rosado. Musicologist and Music Critic.

5. Mr. Miguel Roa . Orchestra Director.


4.1. The constest will award three common prizes in cash:

4.1.1. Common Prizes:
• 1st Prize to the Best Singer………….. 10.000€
• 2nd Prize to the Best Singer …………. 8.000€
• 3rd Prize to the Best Singer ………….. 6.000€

4.2. The Judging Panel reserves the right to leave any prize unawarded when they consider it necessary.

4.3. The candidate’s registration to the Contest entails their acceptance of these rules, as well as of the decisions made by the Judging Panel.

4.4. The Fundación Ana Maria Iriarte and the International Zarzuela Contest “Ana María Iriarte” shall own the global rights to record and rebroadcast by radio or television or any other audiovisual media for recording, reproduction and/or broadcast
available or which may arise in the future, of the contestant’s performances, who expressly and formally waives all rights to which they may be entitled in this respect.

4.5 DIPLOMAS. The winners will be awarded a Diploma of Honor.



5.1 The Organizing Committee shall provide hotel accommodation (room and breakfast) only for the three winners since the Final and the Final Gala, and that DO NOT LIVE IN THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID.

5.2 The above specified provision refers to a shared room.
If the contestant prefers a single room (which shall be mentioned when arriving at the hotel) they will pay the difference between the highest cost.

5.3 All contestants shall be able to access the hotel fees agreed upon by the organization with the selected hotels, which will be notified once their registration is completed.

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